Day Lunchtime ClubAfter School Clubs run
until 4pm unless stated

MondayBoard Games Club Reception - Mrs GriffinChoir - Year 3 -6 Miss Nicklin
Football Club Year 3 and 4 Mr Hummer
TuesdayLibrary Club Year 5/6 Mrs Vere
Knitting Club (for children who previously were in the club last term ) Mrs Mallarky
Christian Club – Years 1-2 Reverend Sue Burchell
Family Activity Club – KS1 and KS2 Sanctuary Housing
Wednesday Reading Club – Year 3 (Invite Only) Miss Hendley
Year 3/4 Multi Skills Club - Mr Stother
Maths Club until 3.45pm Year 2 Mrs Debus (Invite Only)
Reading Club until 4.15pm Year 6 Mrs Philpott (Invite Only) Bench ball - Year 3-6 Miss Moon
Maths and Munchies – Year 6 Miss Mc Kenna (Invite Only)
ThursdayYoga Club – Years 1 and 2 – Mrs Nottingham
Tag Rugby Club – Years 5/6 Mr Clark
Yoga Years 1/2 Miss Glenn Miss Glenn
Quiddich until 4.15pm Year 5/6 Ignite Sports (Club Full) Will start 11th January
Dance Club (For boys and girls) Year 4-6 Mrs Lacey
FridayWriting Club – Reception Mrs Keyser (Invite Only)
I Pad Year 1 and 2 Mrs Elson and Mrs Pendle
Gymnastics – Year 1/2 Ignite Sports (Club Full) Will start 12th January)
Football Club Year 5-6 Mr Hummer