Accelerated Reader Programme

For those children who are part of the Accelerated Reader Programme (you know who you are!)  some parents (and children) have asked if they can do their quizzes at home, you will be able to access the school’s own AR site.  The web address you need to use is:  

Make a shortcut, or put this on your favourites menu.  

You will also need Adode Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from  if you do not have it already. 

There is also a website which you can use to look up whether any specific book is on the AR list. This site is available to all, simply put into the search box.


home-learning-logo-180wYear 5 Home Learning Autumn Term 2 2019
home-learning-logo-180wYear 5 Home Learning Autumn Term 1 2019
home-learning-logo-180wSleep Diary 5 October 2018


15 cool things about rainforests.
Explore a treehouse.
See if you can put the flora and fauna of the rainforest into the correct forest layer.
track-it-back-100wDo you know where the food you eat comes from? Play this game and find out.
Find out what your life would be like if you lived in a rainforest.
Find out about the solar system.
find-the-right-phase-of-the-moon-100wLunar cycle challenge!solar-system-game-100w
The planets orbits are in a mess help to get them back in order.
see-the-sun-and-moon-moving-around-the-earth-100wSee how the earth and moon move around the sun.