Christian Vision

As a Church School, St Leonard’s provides love, care and support for all its families, nurturing children as individuals and as learners, so that they are able to become valuable citizens within wider society; preparing children for Life in All its Fullness (John 10:10)


Collective Worship

Collective Worship which is mainly Christian based is central to the life of the school; a daily assembly which includes Christian worship is held either in Key Stages or individual classrooms.  Rev Sue, our vicar, takes assembly once a term in both Key Stages, alongside other welcome guests.  Assemblies are also special because we celebrate achievement and share good work.  Parents are invited to join us for special celebrations such as Christmas and Easter where members of the local parish church also join with us.

The impact of daily Collective Worship is immediate in terms of involvement and enjoyment at the time, but there is a longer term impact that is seen in children’s positive attitudes and behaviour.

Our Collective Worship makes reference to the school’s core values, each of which has their foundation in the following Scriptures:-

Love ………………..”Love is patient, Love is kind.” 1 Corinthians 13 v 4

Respect ……………” Show proper respect to everyone.” 1 Peter 2 v 17

Responsibility ……..”In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.” Romans 12 v 6


Our School Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for everything we have.

Help us to have a happy school with no bullying.

Let our school teach us right from wrong.

Let our school school friends help us when times get tough.

Help our school friends help us when times get tough.

Help our school understand that everyone matters, even if your’re big or small, or black or white.

Let our school be the best it can be.



Charities Supported

As a school we support the following charities:

  • Banbury Food Bank – Harvest Food Collection
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning – Staff Bake Off
  • BBC Children In Need – Non Uniform Day
  • Royal British Legion – Poppy Appeal


Our Prayer Space

We have a dedicated prayer space in our school. Children have the opportunity to use it as a quiet place to sit, think and pray.

A member of St Leonard’s Church regularly comes into school to supervise and to answer questions about Christian beliefs and talk about what goes on in St Leonard’s Church.