As part of ‘The St Leonard’s Way’ we offer after school Activity Clubs to encourage our children to Engage, Challenge and Inspire. Taking part in Activity Clubs such as dance, musical theatre, board games and sports gives children the chance to focus on something that interests them. Children can improve on skills that they already have or for some children it is a chance to try something that have never done before. Our Activity Clubs are run by our Teachers along side some that are run by outside companies.


Applying for Activity Clubs

We are pleased to be offering our after school Activity Clubs this term. All Activity Clubs cost £20 for 10 sessions (£2 per session) unless they are run by an outside company. There will not be a charge for Homework Club.

If your child is entitled to Pupil Premium Funding, this may be used to pay for up to two Activity Clubs per term. There is an option to request this on the booking form.

Booking forms are sent out via email prior to the beginning of each term. Please note for over-subscribed clubs, names will be pulled out of a hat. We will not be issuing places on a first come first serve basis.

You will be informed as to whether your child has a place by text. The charge for the Activity Clubs will be added to your School Money account for you to pay in full by the deadline date. Your child may be withdrawn from the Activity Club if your payment is not made by this date.

Please ensure that we have the correct mobile number for you as any Activity Club cancellations will be communicated by text message. Please pick up your child from Activity Clubs promptly. Any child that is not collected within 10 minutes of the club finish time will be taken to our After School Club and parents will incur a charge.

If you require any further information, please contact the School Office.